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EDP VG99 FC300 Problems

I am controlling my VG99 and EDP with the FC300.

I was using the EFC7.

MIDI out of VG99 into MIDI in of EDP

RRC out of FC300 into VG99

99 MIDI routing page has the RRC2 going to MIDI out.

Setting CC #s was no problem.

While in Control Change mode I record sound into the EDP,

I return to Sysex mode and change patches on the 99 via the 300,

an audible thump is heard in the recorded info in the EDP.

This also happens when moving the built in expression pedals

and the one external expression pedal that I have set as a dedicated volume pedal.

Although the sound is longer when rocking the pedals compared to just quickly stepping on a switch.

Also when using the built in and external expression pedals, the EDP display

gets slightly dim when rocking the pedal back and forth.

When in Control Change mode and recording more stuff into the EDP

overdub, multiply, etc all sounds get recorded fine.

It's just when switching back to Sysex mode via any of the Mode selection choices on the 300

and stepping on the switches, moving the pedals on the 300 that an audible thump is heard.

This thump sound doesn't seem to happen when in Standard mode.

But when I change to any different 300 mode the sound occurs.

I'd prefer to use Sysex mode as it is great with the 99.

Has anyone experienced something similar?

An example...


The pedal movement is at about 8- 11 and 15-17 seconds and the single pedal switches are

at 25-27 but best heard at about 33 seconds near the end.

The single pedal noise didn't record as loud as the rocking of the expression pedals.

Thanks for any info,