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Re: Mainstage worthwhile?

Hi Warren

yes, I have just (re)discovered Mainstage myself recently - and I really 
like it :)

The advantages imo:
- You can design your custom UI surface with sliders, knobs, level meters 
etc. exactly the way you need. Actually, I have i.e. rebuild my hardware 
controller on the screen.
- Assigning to midi controllers is very easy. I esp. like the flexibility 
you have (single value, toggle, parameter range...).
- I like the way it's handling esp. keyboard layers, allowing you to 
control in great detail how you want to use a master midi keyboard.
- Patches are a nice way to organize your ... well patches.
- Overall, so far it seems to make efficient use of resources (CPU, 
- And the most important factor: I always found it frustrating to emulate 
my hardware fx in Logic and vice versa. Here, I'm able to re-use the Logic 
effects, instruments and routing possibilities I'm familiar with. And if I 
stumble upon a good idea for a song while looping, I can easily replicate 
it in Logic with the same settings.
- Oh, and of course: if you're already a Logic user, you get it for free 

best regards

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