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Re: echoplex dieing?

 > Delay of actions work similar to the EDP's Quantize setting. But in
 > Mobius scripting you can define an exact number of "time units" to
 > wait until executing a certain script line. There are three such  
 > units":
 > 1. Cycle...
 > 2. Loop...
 > 3. Sub Cycle...

There are a few other time units but they are not used as often.

"Wait msec N" waits a certain number of milliseconds.  This can be
useful when implementing a gradual fade in or out.

"Wait frame N" waits a certain number of frames (samples).

"Wait last" waits for the last function to complete, if the function
was itself delayed due to quantization.

"Wait switch" waits until a loop switch finishes.

"Wait beat" waits until the next beat as defined by the external sync  
(MIDI beat or plugin host transport beat).

"Wait bar" waits until the next bar as defined by the external sync  
(MIDI bar or plugin host transport bar).

"Wait externalStart" waits until the first beat of the external sync
master pattern.

There are a few others but they are only used for testing.

Waits can be combined with expressions using built-in variables that  
information about the loop, for example this will wait until the exact  
of the loop.

    Wait until frame loopFrames / 2

The "until" keywoard makes this an absolute time wait rather than  
to the current loop position.  "frame" says the wait unit is frames  
(think of
these as the same as samples).  "loopFrames" is an internal variable  
that holds
the size of the loop.  "loopFrames / 2" divides the size by 2.   So  
for a 2 second
loop of 88200 frames, the script would wait until frame 44100, then