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Happy New Years,   everybody!

I feel very grateful for this wonderful community and
I feel like we have a really amazing decade ahead of us as live loopers.

NAMM is just around the corner and Bill and I will be demoing the cool 
new LP-2 MINI looper
that Bob Amstadt has been working so hard on in recent months and
I know a lot of interactive, multi-media live looping is on it's way in 
the opening years of the decade.

 The Y2K-X International Live Looping Festival will celebrate our 10th 
with the largest festival ever from October 12th -19th, 2010 in Santa 
Cruz, California.

 I'm going to have multiple performance venues, clinics and gear 
demonstrations and interactive
multi-media this year.

Please come to Santa Cruz and participate!   All are welcome.

May this year be creative and fulfilling on all levels for everyone here!

Thank you all for being an extended family!

yours,  Rick Walker