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Re: snow leopard?

Ditto here, no issues. Nothing flashy, smaller and faster all around, really a core performance upgrade rather than a feature upgrade.

Happy New Year,

Loren Claypool
genre-indifferent instrumental guitar music
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On Jan 1, 2010, at 10:12 AM, Kenn Lowy wrote:

I didn't lose anything. No problems, no issues. There are a bunch of nice features under the hood. But nothing the average user will notice. It is faster and smaller.


On Jan 1, 2010, at 10:51 AM, Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com wrote:

From: doc rossi <docittern@gmail.com>
Date: January 1, 2010 2:05:25 AM EST
Subject: snow leopard?

Has anyone started using Snow Leopard yet? Any feedback?

Happy 2010

From: mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com>
Date: January 1, 2010 3:32:44 AM EST
Subject: Re: snow leopard?