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new gear/time for a change-dl8 & eh-smm w/ h

well for xmas i got a new digitech dl-8, and i am loving the 8 sec of delay (my preferred method of looping). not perfect, but it reminds me a bit of my old dod d12.
then i sold some gear and bought an EH stereo memory man w/ hazarai-
and i love that pedal, i've been messing w/ it for 2 days, and the delays are most fun, quirky, and the looping function love the ability to play w/ the loops (filter it or slow down/speed up).
i've done more looping in the last 2 days than i think i did the whole last year-found myself not loving my boss dd7 and the rc20 looper, they just didn't work for me as well as i would have liked. (love the bigger footprint of the dl8-can access the knobs easier, and honestly for me i'd record a loop to my rc-20 and a few days later listen to it and wonder why i recorded it,..).
happy new year, oh and i also bought a korg mini kaoss pad-excited to get that in a few days.....more sound mangling options coming.....