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Re: videos and music and music sales

Happy New Year all you loopers in this world!
Hope we can see or play ourselves lots of concerts with or without visuals 
we will listen to lots of exciting looping music in 2010.

Donīt think that you need to be taught to listen to
instrumental music, but, Paul, you may be right that many people
have a lack of imagination for music without word or
visuals. So I agree those people can be helped- especially
in a concert - with using visuals for instrumental loop music.
Me personally feels the opposite way. Often I get lost
or bored with too much singing in music. I prefer instrumentals and can sit
or lay down and just listen to it. But in concert videos can make me
feel the whole event more intense.
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> I've never worked with video, but I sometimes do story telling as a way 
> setting the stage for people.
> I've spent many years thinking about this in all sorts of different
> settings and my conclusion is this. People have never been taught to
> listen to instrumental music. If it doesn't have words or images or some
> other key to tell them exactly what to envision; they are lost because 
> people have any imagination of their own. I was with an artist friend not
> to long ago at a gallery opening and was astonished to hear some woman 
> the artist, "what am I supposed to see here, what do you want me to 
> I tend to think that as more and more schools have dropped the arts from
> their curriculums we see more and more people that just don't understand,
> or worse are totally bewildered by the arts.
> Paul Haslem
> www.dulcify.ca
> Ontario, Canada
> At 11:52 PM 12/29/2009, you wrote:
>>I have some strong thoughts on this because whenever I play there is
>>always the pressure to carry the work with visuals. But often, I fear 
>>results in fluff and is sometimes distracting from the sound experience.
>>For me, adding visuals takes away from the imaginative experience that 
>>come from sound. Visuals dictate what a listener takes in and they might
>>have another interpretation if they are allowed to let their minds