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Re: El Pino & The Volunteers

> A bit of an old movie from a couple of months ago, but I hope you guys 
>can enjoy it..
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5xNMnGAMSs
Always enjoyed the stuff, you did here, and this one is no exception.

About the looper: if you're coming from the EDP, working with a computer 
and consider stereo operation a must, Möbius might be a choice for you:

Basically, it's eight EDP stereo pairs built together in software, 
coming with complex sync features and a nifty scripting engine.

On an unrelated note: have you ever played (or considered playing next 
year) at Rick's fantastic festival?

@Rick: I don't want to suggest anything here over your head, but I think 
Reyn would make a fantastic addition to the roster.