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Re: El Pino & The Volunteers

The video work is much less complicated then it might look. I just bought 
5 of these cheap $100,- cameras from Toshiba (which shows I'd say) and did 
all the momevement and lots of color correction on the end in Final Cut 
Pro. But it does give a nice look. You should watch the Bjork movies I did 
@ www.reyn.vs.reyn.net, you'll see a better example of it.




On Jan 7, 2010, at 2:03 AM, Stephen Goodman wrote:

> Very nice piano and looping.  Was the camera work done later?
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> From: "Todd Chambeau" <tchambeau@comcast.net>
> Sent: Wednesday, January 06, 2010 1:31 PM
> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Subject: Re: El Pino & The Volunteers
>> Reyn,
>> Wow. That was outstanding!!!! Not just the piece, but the sound  
>quality. The drum sound would even make Nick Mason proud.
>> Keep up the good work.
>> Todd
>> www.youtube.com/tchambeau
>> On Jan 6, 2010, at 7:49 AM, Reyn Ouwehand wrote:
>>> Hey guys,
>>> A bit of an old movie from a couple of months ago, but I hope you  
>guys can enjoy it..
>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5xNMnGAMSs
>>> Cheers,
>>> Reyn
>>> www.reyn.net
>>> www.reyn.vs.reyn.net