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Re: Fripp-Amplification

What do you think about the MACKIE SRM 350 V2
Fullrangesystem ( 10/1", 165W RMS LF/ 30W RMS HF, 90°x 80° CD-Horn, XLR 
XLR out, Gain, Contour-Filter)?
Problem: no "line-in".
The Mackie is a bit cheaper than the JBL. And has more power!
Does  the JBL have enough power for small locations:
JBL EON 10 G2, aktive Fullrangebox, 10"/1", Bi-amp 125W/50W, 1 Mic/line.

The Genelec 8020 seem to be a Studio Monitor, maybe not good for using in 
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> hi Chris,
> 2 options for you to explore
> 1) JBL Eon powered speakers  2) If you're actually doing ambient in 
> like art galleries, then
>   a pair of Genelec active monitors, even the small 8020, may be enough.
> If you don't need stereo, then both of those options are available as
> single units.
> The Roland stuff *shouldn't* need a DI box, and will go direct to a 
> or even to the active speaker.
> I can't remember if Fripp had a guitar amp in addition to his 
> set up
> in Norwich Cathedral. The pa he had was not bad, but nothing special,
> certainly not better than the Eons.
> andy butler
> chris@christojota.de wrote:
>> My problem with amplifying my ambient soundscapes is that the
>> keyboardsounds I use with my Roland GR 20 Guitarsyntesizer donīt work
>> well with my guitar amps