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A big thank you to Rick Walker

I'm sure that most of you know how good of person Rick is, but I wanted to 
send out a huge public thank you for all that he has done for me.  When I 
first had the idea for the LP2, I met with Rick and he sat with me for 
and we discussed every aspect of the device.  Through out the past year, 
Rick has really been a partner in this project.  He premiered the early 
prototype at the Y2K9 Live Looping Festival.  He has helped to specify the 
features.  The quantized replace functions were conceived of and specified 
by Rick.  The LP2 would not be what it is without his help and I greatly 
appreciate all the work that he has put into making this launch be the 
that it possibly can be.

Basically, I just want to say thank you to a great friend, a great person, 
great artist, a great musician, and a great performer.  Rick, thank you 
all the many things that you do.

Bob Amstadt
Looperlative Audio Products
(408) 921-LOOP