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Re: If you had to state 5 rules of a successful music compositionfor 12th grade students...


Your approach, imo, provides some guidance and structure to the  
students without restricting their choice of texture, genre, etc.

All the best to you and your students.

-- Kevin

Quoting margaret noble <margaretnoble2000@yahoo.com>:

> So, you guys probably will hate these but these are the rules we   
> agreed on for first composition in class:
>               I.  Track must show some type  of sonic/compositional   
> development overtime. This means it  cannot be overly repetitive or   
> static in
>                    nature. Although it is  expected that some   
> repetition is necessary and good, try not to wear  out your sounds.
>       1. Must have an intro (some sonic moment that leads us into the   
> bulk of the composition)
>       1. Must have an ending/outro  (some sonic moment that shows 
>  to the composition.
>       1. In addition to intro and ending/outro, your track must also 
>  a minimum of 3 core sections. Which could  be thought of  as:  
> verse,  course, bridge, or A, B, C and/or 1,  2, 3. These sections  
> should be  connected to form your main composition.  These  
> sections/parts can  be repeated if you would like to add thematic   
> ideas to your song.  Repetition of your 3 parts is not required but  
> sometimes  helpful.
>       1. Your sections should have transitions that makes sense. As the  
> listener hears each part the  transition should aid/help to move the  
>  composition seamlessly.
>       1. No audio pops from sample  cutting or poor quality recordings 
>of sounds.
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> From: scott hansen <evanpeewee@yahoo.com>
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> Sent: Mon, January 25, 2010 9:58:42 AM
> Subject: Re: If you had to state 5 rules of a successful music   
> composition for 12th grade students...
> i have been reading some of these, and they are good suggestions...
> some of this reminds me of why i don't miss teaching (college level   
> art) any more.
> i liked it and worked hard at it, but the last few yrs, after doing   
> so much adjunct teaching for no pay...just got burned out.
> it got me thinking, my life as a visual artist (for close to 40 yrs   
> now)...i think the thing i like and why i keep doing it, is i don't   
> like any rules. i just want to do what the F*** i want to do, for   
> the longest time in my sketchbooks i just like to scribble   
> mostly....but it took me a long time to get there....
> as this relates to music (or projects)-i'm reminded of a story from   
> grad school (when i got my MFA in painting)-i did a # of projects on  
>  sound art back in the early 90s...my prof told me of his trying at   
> one pt yrs earlier to do a joint art/music class w/ a music prof   
> entailing "sound art" principles...he said the music prof. bailed on  
>  the class b/c he thought that artists don't really follow any rules  
>  like musicians have to...i always sort of think about that when i'm  
>  playing my guitar...& since i'm mostly self-taught-i'm not so  
> bogged  down in the rules (and boy i break a ton of them!). oh well,  
>  rambling thoughts...good luck w/ your suggestions...i have none, i   
> always tried to give my students as much freedom as possible, which   
> is what got me in trouble in the end.....Philip Guston said: "the   
> only thing the artist has is Freedom".
> s---
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