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Re: If you had to state 5 rules of a successful music composition for 12th grade students...

I have heard both sides of this discussion & my responce is the last words 
from an alternative universe:
" I don't bother with all that fancy stuff! Reading & Writting is for 
slugs with no imagination. " 
Bill Shakespeare
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From: "Stephen Goodman" <spgoodman@earthlight.net>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 18:43:17 
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Subject: Re: If you had to state 5 rules of a successful music composition 
for 12th grade students...

This discussion is yet another reason why I love this list, and the
interplay with the creative, innovative folks on it.  I'm self-taught, and
in order to be able to do sight-reading/playing I'd have to Do Nothing But
for a long slog, but otherwise feel perfectly okay just playing - and 
a perspective not bound by Knowing What I Can't Do.  Kudos for this post 
especially the Guston quote, but it helps to have Imagination too!

From: scott hansen
>i have been reading some of these, and they are good suggestions...
some of this reminds me of why i don't miss teaching (college level art) 
i liked it and worked hard at it, but the last few yrs, after doing so 
adjunct teaching for no pay...just got burned out.
it got me thinking, my life as a visual artist (for close to 40 yrs 
think the thing i like and why i keep doing it, is i don't like any rules. 
just want to do what the F*** i want to do, for the longest time in my
sketchbooks i just like to scribble mostly....but it took me a long time 
get there....
as this relates to music (or projects)-i'm reminded of a story from grad
school (when i got my MFA in painting)-i did a # of projects on sound art
back in the early 90s...my prof told me of his trying at one pt yrs 
to do a joint art/music class w/ a music prof entailing "sound art"
principles...he said the music prof. bailed on the class b/c he thought 
artists don't really follow any rules like musicians have to...i always 
of think about that when i'm playing my guitar...& since i'm mostly
self-taught-i'm not so bogged down in the rules (and boy i break a ton of
them!). oh well, rambling thoughts...good luck w/ your suggestions...i 
none, i always tried to give my students as much freedom as possible, 
is what got me in trouble in the end.....Philip Guston said: "the only 
the artist has is Freedom".