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Re: Bass players - what's a good stomp pedal for FAT tone?

You might consider the Electro Harmonix Microsynth.  You can add a square wave with that plus octave and suboctave if you want, and just set the threshhold high so the filter sweep isn't triggered.  Great effect in any case!

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What do you mean by "fat tone", Per?  Can you give an example of someone's tone that you're trying to emulate?
An eq or a pre-amp w/tone controls can help things.
But, yeah, distortion is good with a b'zillion options.  My newest trick is to use two two-band distortions - one with the treble at 100% and the bass at 0% with the other pedal set for the opposite.  I've also been lusting after a friend's Electo-Harmonix Octave Multiplexer.
Then there's the bass synth way - a nice square wave makes things good 'n' groovey.  And there's the Bill Laswell trick and run an envelope filter but set threshold so the gate doesn't open which gives a very dub sound.

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Subject: Bass players - what's a good stomp pedal for FAT tone?
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Any hints for an electric bass pedal to be used between bass and amp
to fatten up the sound?
Not interested in flanger or similar sissy stuff cause this bassist
plays really good and we just need to blow it up massively for live

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

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