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Re: Brian Eno about recorded music

I prefer the sound of vinyl or in some cases cassette tapes to CD's,
but IMO mp3's sound a hell of a lot better than CD's, at least
properly encoded ones with high bitrates. A 320k mp3 file will have a
heck of a lot more "oomph" and frequency response than a CD... and
lets not forget that physical formats are easily ruined, or wear out
in time. I love analog sound, but I havent bought a cd in years... and
I used to be the kinda guy that spent paychecks on them. It's a matter
of quality and simplicity. There's really no reason to use cd's
anymore and I'm glad they are going extinct because it's always been
ridiculous how overpriced they are anyway.

On 1/26/10, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
> I do think that we are going to see a rapid dwindling of physical media 
> recordings.
> It's inevitable given the iPod generations' predilection for instant 
> to mostly free music.
> At the same time,   I'm with Mark Francombe about the importance in my 
> of  the hundreds of hours I've spent all over the world
> in record and CD shops...........browsing over live gig merch tables,
> talking about music with other
> music lovers in, gasp,  real time and not on chat;    Handing a physical
> copy of a CD to someone who I'm trying
> introduce a new artist to......watching them look at the artwork as they
> experience the music.
> I love artwork (and even have been purchasing Vinyl which has trebled in
> volume at the wonderful local indie all vinyl record
> store, Meta Music and the large indie CD/Vinyl record store Streetlight
> Records in Santa Cruz where I live.
> (also,  as a side note:     many of the oldest of the baby boomers are
> beginning to pass away now and  there are incredible
> Vinyl music collections coming into Logos Books and Records in the past
> couple of years.     Record players
> are also seeing a huge boon in sales.  they are for sale in at least a 
> a dozen locations on our own Pacific Garden Mall.
> As a self proclaimed music fetishist,   I love taking out CD artwork and
> reading it and perusing it.
> I love reading album liner notes and looking at the cover art.     Hell, 
> love the feel of taking a vinyl record out of it's sleeve.
> Right now I'm really enjoying listening to Matt Davignon's excellent new
> release "Living Things" in glorious 16 bit/44k CD quality
> and enjoying the hell out of his really beautiful zen
> graphics...............also I'm really digging that I paid for it to 
> his wonderful artistry.
> This may make me a dinosaur but there is an aesthetic enhancement to me 
> makes the entire experience more pleasing.
> I just jammed with Peter Hayes of BRMC down at NAMM and loving his 
> sensibility but being unfamiliar with his
> work,  I delighted in taking a couple of days to track down three of his 
> in used condition and going to support
> my local independent record store (which hires several extremely good 
> musicians by the way) and buy the remaining
> one at full pop.
> I just wouldn't get the same kind of joy out of downloading even a high
> fidelity FLAC recording for my iTunes on my laptops
> (and,  shudder,  I still don't own an MP3 player).
> And we haven't even talked about the sound yet.
> There is something really enjoyable to me about the sound of Vinyl,  the
> sound of CDs,  hell,    even the sound of old cassettes
> (whose only copies of roots reggae I have on that medium).
> It's just a different experience.   Perhaps not better, but certainly
> enjoyable.
> So,  I"m truly hoping that the vinyl record, the CD,  the audio cassette,
> the reel to reel tape recorder and the wire and cylinder recordings
> to disappear for good.