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RE: Bass players - what's a good stomp pedal for FAT tone?

Well,  I designed the circuit.  I licensed it to Z-vex,  and I think 
it's unethical to steal.  Just because something is legal does not 
mean it's morally correct.

Karma indeed...

-Chuck Zwicky

>Unless Zvex holds a patent on this circuit it does not infringe upon 
>intellectual property.
>It may be in questionable taste, or even bad karma, but it isn't illegal.
>Here's one of several web posts I found on the issue:
>"The copyright only protects the mode of expression, not the idea 
>embodied in it.
>Unless there is a patent involved you are free to make as much use 
>of the circuit
>as you want."
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>It does infringe upon intellectual property, however, and as a
>musician you should respect that.
>-Chuck Zwicky
>>It's not thiervery, only PCB layouts can be copyrighted and at the end
>>of the day most modern boutique pedals are simply clones with tweaks,
>>case in point the Malekko pedal I recommended which is a clone of the
>>Brassmaster but it would be way harder to build and if you get a
>>Germainium one source good trannys could be a pain.