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Re: Personalize your Liquidfoot pro midi footcontroller

Thanks for the link, Sjaak.  The labels look very nice.  I'm  
continually impressed with the ingenuity that people bring to panel  
layouts and labeling.

I'm in the midst of a big DIY synthesizer project -- I'm adding  
another cabinet of modules to my Aries synth.  Over the last month  
I've looked into labeling material and settled on a couple of methods  
-- a "quickie" method for on-the-fly labels and a more time-consuming  
method to label equipment panels, etc.

For quickie labels I've used a Brother labeling device:


I actually purchased it to make nice looking labels for my storage  
bins.  However, it works nice to label cables, parts drawers, file  
folders, patch panels, etc.  The more expensive models allow printing  
from a computer.  This model is battery-powered, which I wanted so I  
could label things up in the attic.

For the synthesizer panels I'm going to use aluminum plates and this  
system to do the graphics:


The decalpro system requires some hardware -- a laser printer, paper  
laminator, and a hot gun.  Since I'm building up to 14 modules, I  
could justify the initial investment.

The same company (pulsarprofx) also sells Printed Circuit Board (PCB)  
prototyping material -- I went ahead and ordered that, too.

-- Kevin

p.s. -- Sjaak, I enjoyed your recent musical posts, too.

Quoting Sjaak Overgaauw <tcplugin@gmail.com>:
> Here's a link I received on the Gordius mailing list :)
> http://voes.be/liquidfoot/pro/misc_labels.html