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Re: A multi channel looper

Hi James

> I'd like 
> to be able to record say 2 bars then overdub a 32 bar loop over that, if 
> you know what I mean.
My electrix repeater can do this with a function called "multiply".
The repeater has four tracks per loop.
You first record a Track on a new loop with 2 bars length.
Then 2bar loop is multiplied with 16 (you either can enter the factor 
manually or you press four times the multiply button without entering 
anything, which doubles the loop each time).
Now you can record a second track to this loop, which is 32 bars long
The only disadvantage: If you want overdub the first track (which was 
originally 2 bars long) now you have to play for 32 bars. -> The loop 
was prolongated by real audio copies, but not a "inner looping" of the 
first track.
Nevertheless I can live very fine with this.

I other loopers provide a similar function (see the other postings).
The repeater is out of production, and its audioqualities are only 
middleclass, but its userinterface handling and its capabilities 
regarding syncing to MIDI as slave and master are unbeaten. Still my 
favourite hardware looper. They go for around $700 in the US, 500UKP in 
the UK or 600 Euros here in Germany.
Zoe Keating from San Francisco here on the list is selling two at the