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Repeater (was: A multi channel looper)

Florian Anwander schrieb:
> The repeater is out of production, and its audioqualities are only 
> middleclass,
There were some issues with the Repeater's audio, some being design 
flaws (mainly relating to the front-side instrument input), some were 
production parameter spread issues (meaning it only affected specific 
units). As someone who had a "blessed" unit and who never used the 
front-side input I was quite happy with it (when I was still using it), 
and there were some professional mods to solve the problems.
> but its userinterface handling and its capabilities regarding syncing 
> to MIDI as slave and master are unbeaten. 
The user interface may be a matter of taste, the MIDI sync capabilities 
are not:
The Repeater (as of the pre-2 OS version) as a MIDI master had a clock 
that was highly jitter-ridden. This would result in synced delays 
clicking, drum machines using sync etc. I did never come to use the 
Repeater as a MIDI master (although it worked with relative stability as 
a slave).
All of those MIDI clock issues have been addressed in the OS2.0 software 
update - but I didn't find time to toy with that.
> Zoe Keating from San Francisco here on the list is selling two at the 
> moment.
That says it all, doesn't it?

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