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Re: Rang III reviews

 > On Feb 23, 2010, at 8:28 PM, Grant wrote:
 > If an arbitrary section of audio is spliced into a loop there
 > is a very high probability that there will be a 'pop' at the splice
 > point unless something is done to insure the starting and ending  
 > are at zero.

If I understand correctly, that's not what people are complaining about.

When people say "seamless overdub" this doesn't apply to the start and
end which as you say need to be properly faded from/to zero.  The
problem is what happens to the overdub when you cross the loop start
point.  For example make a silent loop 4 seconds long, start
overdubbing something audible at second 3 and overdub for 4 seconds.
With loopers that don't support seamless overdub you will hear a
"fade bump" in the middle of the overdub because the looper fades the
overdub to zero at the start point, then back up from zero after
the start point.

Does the Rang III support undo?  If so I can understand why it works
that way. Seamless overdub isn't very hard if you're just recording
over the same memory, but if you're accumulating several "layers" for
undo, then you have to be careful about the loop edges when you start
yanking the top layers off.  If an overdub spanned a layer they will
have to retroactively fade the end of it after the undo since the
second half is now gone.  The easy way out is to just always have
the edges of every layer fade to zero, but then you lose seamless