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RE: OT: Recommendations for Microphone and Archtop or AcousticGuitar

I second this suggestion. R0de simply makes wonderful products.
Alernativly, I would say that the NT1A is perfect for the job, especially 
if you don't need all the extra dirctional options. The NT1a is only 
cardiod. It has a very flat EQ so it's perfect for picking up all those 
extra little tonal subtleties that the sure performance mics and the like 
filter out naturally. This was my primary mic in several projects. At only 
$200 it's my opinion that every home studio needs at least one of these. 

> From: khartung@q.com
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: Re: OT: Recommendations for Microphone and Archtop or Acoustic 
> Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 19:37:04 -0600
> Good idea, Bill.
> In the context of large diaphram, I may consider the Rode:
> http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/NT2A/
> I have used Rode before, and I really like them...very quite.
> This one is Omni, Cardioid & Figure 8, which provides a lot of options.
> Kris
> ----- Original Message -----
>> krispen wrote:
>>> "What I am trying to consider in this context is the jazz archtop
>>> guitar. It is quite a different animal than the acoustic guitar.
>>> For one, it projects at only about half of the volume of an
>>> acoustic, because of the volume in the body, that it typically only
>>> has f-holes, and that it is often strung with flat wound strings. In
>>> that case, it tends to sound thinner than an acoustic when micing
>>> it, which is what you don't want in a jazz guitar. So I really need
>>> a mic that can pick up the subltles of the guitar, but probably has
>>> a good proximity effect when it move the mic closer to the guitar.
>>> Of course, I'll be blending the tone with the mag pickup through an
>>> amp."
>> I would definitely go with a large diaphragm mic for arch top, as
>> it will achieve a broader spectrum sound than a pencil condenser mic,
>> which is great for detail and high end definition, but won't bring out
>> the body and fullness of an arch top. I actually prefer the sound of
>> one large mic on the lower bout, and one small condenser mic pointed
>> toward the fingerboard, rather than a stereo xy pattern pair of pencil
>> condensers, as I like the extra bottom end of the big mic. I use an AT
>> 4050 and sometimes set it to a figure 8 pattern if the room ambience
>> is worth capturing. As Rick elaborated the 4033 is the same mic but
>> with one element rather than two. I've been finding I really like
>> using a large diaphragm mic on small tube amps as well, way better
>> than the tried and true SM-57, as it really makes small amps sound
>> huge. The truth is, there are a ton of affordable good sounding mics
>> coming out of China right now, not just SE but MXL/ Marshall makes
>> some decent dirt cheap mics. Will they have the longevity of an AKG or
>> Neumann Mic? probably not, but if the sound is good who cares?
>> Another thing you might consider if noise and bleed are an issue is
>> getting a good speaker simulator that can be hooked up between your
>> amp and its speaker. I use the bluestone pro made by emerson williams
>> which is an excellent sounding compact alternative to the pricier and
>> industry standard Palmer speaker emulator. Right now I'm recording
>> directly using a Ethos preamp, a Vox ac 10 and a princeton reverb
>> (both using bluestones), and even with ought adding mics, which I also
>> do, I can get a very rich dimensional sound going direct. I but the
>> Ethos at the center of the mix and spread the amps wide. I tell ya its
>> like Budda...
>> Bill
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