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Guitar mics 2cents

OOH! It works now.. how odd. 
Appologies. And for the guitar mic question.. t
wo very reliable and cost effective mics that I reccomend for every 
home-studio enthusiast are 
1. R0de NT1a (cardioid condener)- The cleanest, flatest, most 
cost-effective, well built microphone. I absolutely and whole heartedly 
adore these microphones, especially when you want to make sure the entire 
EQ spectrum is prepresented in a recording. The perfect mic at $200 hands 
down. I use this mostly for accoustic recording. 
2. Shure sm-57 (classic dynamic) - it has a great sound for drums and 
instruments, picks up a little too much for some people's vocals but it's 
built like a rock, can be found in every studio on earth and has been on 
the president's podium for half a decade. I use this mostly for live 
banjo/conga reinforcement but frequently for percussion/string recording. 
It's cheap at $70-$80 but should be a first purchase in my opinion because 
you don't have to worry about fixing the EQ, it's naturally EQ'd perectly 
for most instrument home recording setups. 
Either of these would do fine to pick up just about any stringed 
instrument. You'd have to experiment with placement with both to get the 
best sounds though. -Ryan                                       
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