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Re: more transatlantic baggage questions

Hi Gareth

as always recommended: get proactive. Ask the Airline, call the the 
security at the airport and ask them. They will tell you what to do. 
Don't forget to ask the security of the US airport, from where you will 
be flying back! And ask the US-people now - not just when you are 
already there.
Be prepared to demonstrate the gear. It might be useful to have sounds 
ready to be played. Put a small headphone inside the case, so that the 
security officer can listen.


Whittock schrieb:
> Hi all,
> Looks like I'll be flying from the uk to Rick's 10 th anniversary festy 
> in California in October. To wit, I'm thinking of building a new case 
> fror my gear which consists of a multi effects pedal, 2 half rack units 
> and a laptop. I can design a suitable case, the dimensions of which are 
> well within the hand luggage tolerances dictated by various airlines. My 
> questions is:
> Are they gong to freak out when they xray all this electronic gear? 
> Presumably, thet are not used to people carrying this sort of hand 
> Peace
> Gareth
> p.s.
> I'm amused by the fact that British Airlines restrict, but do not ban, 
> carrying explosives/ammunition on their planes, 
> (http://www.britishairways.com/travel/bagrest/public/en_us)..
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