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this ever happen to you?


This is interesting, if we look at the timing here:
Event 1: band starts setting up
Event 2: new round of drinks served
Event 2a: drinkers notice band setting up (when upright is brought
onto the stage)
Event 3: band starts playing
Event 4: drinkers finish their drinks.

Now from the description, we find that:
2 and 2a practically coincide ("who had just ordered a round").
The time from 3 to 4 is, to quote again "at least 15 or 20 fucking 

If we furthermore assume that the time from 1 to 2/2a is relatively
short (say, 5 min.), because you usually notice when the band starts
setting up, this means:
a) veeery slow drinkers, and/or
b) a quick setup time.

If we furthermore assume the consumption time for a bar drink under
pressed conditions to be 30min (assuming a maximum of
half-litre-drinks and somewhat drainer drinkers), and the time it
takes the drinkers to notice the setup being in progress (1 to 2a)
being 5min., then the band did set up in 15 minutes - this does really
remind me of those Y2K-style festivals!


ps: don't know if that ever happened to me. I take the liberty of
ignoring people who leave as soon as I start playing.