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Re: this ever happen to you?

I suppose one could always bribe the patrons/punters with a drink, 
on the capacity.  That'd keep 'em busy.  Or if the venue-in-question has a 
video system, one could persuade them to run a DVD brought along that runs 
only 15-20 minutes while setup is occurring.

From: "Rainer Straschill" <moinsound@googlemail.com>
Sent: Friday, July 30, 2010 8:06 AM
To: <loopers-delight@loopers-delight.com>
Subject: this ever happen to you?

> This is interesting, if we look at the timing here:
> Event 1: band starts setting up
> Event 2: new round of drinks served
> Event 2a: drinkers notice band setting up (when upright is brought
> onto the stage)
> Event 3: band starts playing
> Event 4: drinkers finish their drinks.
> Now from the description, we find that:
> 2 and 2a practically coincide ("who had just ordered a round").
> The time from 3 to 4 is, to quote again "at least 15 or 20 fucking 
> minutes".
> If we furthermore assume that the time from 1 to 2/2a is relatively
> short (say, 5 min.), because you usually notice when the band starts
> setting up, this means:
> a) veeery slow drinkers, and/or
> b) a quick setup time.
> If we furthermore assume the consumption time for a bar drink under
> pressed conditions to be 30min (assuming a maximum of
> half-litre-drinks and somewhat drainer drinkers), and the time it
> takes the drinkers to notice the setup being in progress (1 to 2a)
> being 5min., then the band did set up in 15 minutes - this does really
> remind me of those Y2K-style festivals!
>         Rainer
> ps: don't know if that ever happened to me. I take the liberty of
> ignoring people who leave as soon as I start playing.