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(OT) Droneshift in San Francisco this Thursday

Hi all,

This is OT since there's minimal looping content, but I think many
looping folks will be interested:

I'm hosting a 2 hour drone music concert at San Francisco's Luggage
Store Gallery tomorrow night. (Thursday.)

The event will feature 36 musicians performing in constantly shifting
combinations ...and all doing long droney sounds. Personally, I'll be
playing acoustically on wine glasses and a large glass vase.

Droneshift: Thursday, 12/16/2010
Luggage Store Gallery
1007 Market Street (@ 6th Street)
San Francisco, CA

Time: EXACTLY 8-10pm
Price: $6-10 sliding scale
event info: www.bayimproviser.com/luggagestore

Matt Davignon
Rigs! www.youtube.com/user/ribosomematt