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Re: The EDP and the Looperlative and me

Happy New Year to everyone!

I think it can be a bit confusing to just talk only about "which
looper" you like to use. Better then to start out speaking about what
you want to do with looping in your music. So here's what I want to

- I want to just start playing music and record a loop whenever I feel
for it. My looper should then provide a tempo sync signal for other
gear to follow.

- My looper should allow me to start with any length for my first
loop. Whatever musical part I start playing, and loop, the looper
should calculate a corresponding global tempo within a musically
comfortable tempo range. If I should start my concert with a 763
millisecond micro loop my looper should multiply the tempo base until
reaching a reference cycle corresponding to a tempo within my
preferred tempo range. If I should start my concert with a four minute
long loop my looper should divide my loop until reaching a reference
cycle corresponding to a comfy tempo.

- My looper should record stereo loops from any audio input I assign
to it, even mono inputs.

- Loop length can be changed either instantly by multiplying or
dividing - with any number (even 3, 5, 7, 9 etc) - or in real-time
while on-the-fly overdubbing a longer layer over a bunch of copies of
my first loop, for as long as I go (traditional "EDP Multiply")

- My looper should allow me to stack many alternative loops, in a
linear way, and instantly decide which one of them should play back,
switching playback loop according to my preferred quantize qrid (or
un-quantized, if I happen to be in that mode...)

- My looper has to allow several parallel playback channels, as above,
so I can run multiple loops simultaneously and have fun with different
loop lengths, parallel loops inter locking in a synced way or

- My looper has to be able to change playback speed (good old
"vari-speed" effect) both tonally quantized to semi tone steps and
continuously (seamless pitch/speed shifting).

- For all functionality I prefer a modular approach, so I can set up a
bunch of actions to be triggered at once, or in sequence.

- When working with several parallel loops I want to instantly decide
which ones of the loops that will be targeted for the command I give;
not being limited to manipulate only one loop at a time.

Summing up these wishes there is a bit of the EDP and a bit of the
LP-1 functionality. But the closest solution for me is to run Mobius
on a laptop. That gives me everything except for one wish: continuous
seamless pitch/speed shifting.