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The Sly Stone of Acoustic looped guitar (was OT: Musical discoveriesof 2010)

The music that blew my mind in 2010 was Jarle Bernhoft from Norway. I just learned of him a few days ago on the Zonemobius mailing list. He channels the grooves of Sly Stone, right down to the mohawk:

The track "On Time" is best looping I've heard since Fro Diddly:

The thing about iTunes is that I can go back and see what music I've actually been listening to this past year. I went through my favorites, and surprisingly to me, only three others were released in 2010, and two of them are hip hop recordings. As a rule I don't listen to rap. I listened to Kurtis Blow back in the day, but I'd given up on rap years ago. So anyway, hear are my other top albums of 2010, all three of them:

I did discover a lot of music this past year that I've loved, it's just much of it was recorded earlier, some of it decades ago:

Best wishes for the new year!
Art Simon
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