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Re: Q Steps (SUS = Substitute) commands in the LP-1

On Jan 3, 2011, at 10:37 AM, Rick Walker wrote:

> In order to get this to work you need to program a button on your midi 
> (back in the main menu) with Q replace on the first command and Q 
>replace on the second command.
> (I'm not even sure why this is necessary but I know practically that it 
> Now, every time you make a momentary press,  the machine will replace 
>the very next
> full 'slice' (or Q)  with whatever it is that you are playing currently.

Thanks. I had already seen that trick. For a true SUS command, however, I 
think it should also work until you release the button in case you want to 
hold it longer. Hence, you could program a quantized, single unit replace 
which works in the most common way for using SUS commands, but it isn't 
really a SUS command.

But now, if only the Q steps setting could be set as part of the 
programming on a MIDI button (and for that matter if Scramble obeyed Q