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re:m-13 m-9

mark said: "The other effects are reasonably good but not that psychedelic/ambient. " 

What exactly is your criteria for psychedelic ambient Mark?  I have no problem achieving lush ambient textures or psychedelic  sounds out of my M-9. have you actually spent much time programming an M-9 or M-13?

For ambience, I would probably check out the Eventide Pitch factor and Space pedals, but I haven't actually played with them.

well of course, but then again Eventide beats everyone in the sound quality department. better A to D converters among other things. Let's see, one pitch factor $499, one Space, TBD, not yet out, but for the sake of argument lets say another $499, thats $1000 of signal processing right there. still interested Gareth? :-) if you can afford that firepower go for it as you won't be disappointed. I personally want a time factor and a Space which I saw demoed at NAMM, and was one of three things that really made my Shakespeare curl ( to quote XTC) The other two were the pigtronix Philosopher King which I've raved about before, and the new Moog lap steel which I'm hoping to check out more if I get to the factory in March.

Sjaak said:
  The analog delays can sound very harsh and anything but warm, I don't like
them personally, the DD-20 analog delay emulation is far better than
the M9 or M13.

 Hey Sjaak are you referring to the way these delays respond to regeneration feedback? If so I see your point, when using run away regeneration I've noticed a certain
harshness when going in to self oscillation but other wise They sound fine. I've used the DD-20 and it didn't seem to my ears to be any better. Could you elaborate please?

Though not perfect i've enjoyed using the M-9 allot. I had an M-13 I sold to Scoots, I got rid of it purely for size reasons, needed something smaller to put on my pedal board. This is a really nice processor Gareth that can do ambience textures really well and is more loaded feature -wise than anything in its price range. The only effect I know of in its class with two expression pedal ports for effects depth morphing. This feature alone gives the M-9 so much control its ridiculous.