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Re: Soft Step - any software issues?

Yeah the led lights up, and I programmed the 4 character display to show 
my Mobius functions, rec, ovdb, mult, etc. so if there was any doubt in my 
mind that I stomped it then I get that visual feedback to reassure me. It 
does take a bit of getting used to since I was also used to more of a 
tactile feedback. I also press the keys towards a corner (thats where the 
sensors are). At first I was stomping in the middle of the pad like a 
regular switch and I wasnt having much success. Now I don't have any 
problems firing off commands but I still need to get used to the layout 
and size of the whole unit cause its so small. I sometimes hit the wrong 
key but I did the same thing with fcb1010 when I first got it. I consider 
that user error.

-Todd Matthews

On Jan 25, 2011, at 6:03 AM, mark francombe wrote:

> Im glad to hear that the software looks like it is being ironed out... I 
>knda guessed that it would be. I however was not happy with the feel of 
>the switches and finally sent  mine back. I was surprised to find that I 
>actually NEED a little click. I was getting misfires the whole time.. In 
>Todds video however, he seems to have some light and responsive touch 
>that I NEVER got on mine. Maybe I actually had a dodgy bit of hardware 
> I think its a very cool pedal, but was Waaaaaaaaaaaay too fussy for 
>me... I need "stompability"
> Mark