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Re: Re: Rick's percussion post

There's all sorts of elements involved that contribute to whether one
likes a performance, and they don't necessarily need to make sense to
influence what people think.

For example, I'm not fond of the use of drum machines or other forms
of pre-recorded backing tracks, but for some reason I have no problem
watching many solo performers on laptop computer. (Perhaps it's
because with the laptoppers in question, I don't *know* which elements
are canned and which are live. If I know that a computer musician is
simply turning channels on and off for pre-recorded multitrack
composition, I'm usually turned off.)

But I hear a lot of people don't like live computer performances as a
whole because it's often impossible to match movements to sounds.

I have a strong dislike for performances where a cd player is used to
supply one or more backing tracks. (At my venue we refer to that as
"karaoke".) But on the other hand, I love it when a musician is
actively performing with a cd player as an instrument.

So yeah, it's the Chewbacca Defense - it does not make sense.

Matt Davignon
Rigs! www.youtube.com/user/ribosomematt