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Re: Compressor-Sustain Pedal Advice

 This is my new best friend, this compressor is every bit the pedal the keeley is but quieter like the carl martin ( I currently own all three) and cheaper than both, tiny so you can leave it on  and tuck it somewhere unobtrusive. the grit control is a bit fizzy for me but works well as a spice when using another overdrive pedal, or when maxed with the sustain maxed. Runs from 9-18 volts, but not on batteries, comes with a power supply.

Well, I  have to eat my words a bit on this one, Though I really like its sound and small size. my PT is currently on its way back to the  factory, due to an intermittent power issue. And upon further inspection it is built pretty cheaply, .  critical links like the power supply and input jacks use little plastic snap couplers instead of soldered connections to its tiny pc board, which is disappointing.  So the verdict is still out for me on this one. The desert island compressor for me (if the desert island had an endless supply of batteries or a solar energy source) is still the Keeley. built like a tank with great components and can run on a 9 volt battery. Now that i've adjusted its internal sensitivity properly its also running very quietly.   Mark it sounds to me like you need to back off the blend and the sustain a bit . Just like the Keeley , the Dyna Comp, and a number of other floor compressors, if you over do the sustain (sensitivity) , you will kill  your dynamics which is what I think you mean by latency. the best compression is not an obvious thing, as far as i'm concerned.