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Re: SoftStep vs 1010

You replied that to me, but seem to have intended it for the list, so
I post on the list with your mail still attached. (remember to use
plain text to the list BTW- I have reformatted you, ouch!)

Yes both Per and I would recommend the Gordius, but only he(Per) has
really any right to, as he has one! I am sure that some of the other
pedals suggested also do what you need. But that is really the point,
what do you NEED? I believe that apart from the size, you will be very
happy with the FCB in combination with Mobius. I use this exact setup
for my laptop solution. The later FCBs have good firmware and there
are editors for them, personally I still have firmware v.1 and it
works for me, and I have become deft at programming the bugger,
although some find it hard to start with, if you get one on MY
recommendation, I will happily be your personal guide, to set up for
Mobius. Per has an outstanding approach for setting standard numbers
for all the pedals, (one huge boring job) and then using the software
(Mobius) to do all the work from then on, never have to touch the
pedal again. This only works for software that can "midi Learn" and
not at all for hardware.

So, on my FCB I have Banks ascending from Bank zero (1,2,3,4 etc)
programmed with simple arbitary ascending CC numbers) and Banks
descending from 0  (9, 8 7 6) are specifically programmer with bits of
hardware in mind, EDPs and Fireworx mostly) So I have 2 totally
separate setups on for software and one for hardware.

Most beginners need to discovr if looping is really for them, and
therfore its better not to spend too much straight out, doncha think?


On Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 11:12 AM, Ed Durbrow <edurbrow@sea.plala.or.jp> 
> Thanks Mark & Per.
> The Little Giant costs a lot more than a Behringer, that's for sure. 
>Does the Rolls MP128 not do what the Gordius and Behringer do? And how 
>about the Roland and Boss pedal switch units? I see them used over here 
>all the time, but they don't look very portable. I'm not sure how many 
>switches I need, but if I can assign them in a way that I could get 
>different tonalities, more would certainly be better. I have very little 
>experience looping, but I'm very attracted to what William Walker was 
>doing where he was able to change the tonalities.
> I plan on working with Mobius. Different loops and aspects that exploit 
>the Mobius but don't take a programmer to program, would be what I'd want 
>to trigger/switch from a footcontroller.
> On Feb 6, 2011, at 7:01 PM, mark francombe wrote:
> No that is just a extra bit to the FCB, it adds LOTS of functionality, 
>like the ability to send on different midi chanels, thats a bit wierd on 
>the FCB. If you look further you will see that make actual pedals too, 
>the gorduis 2 I think its called. This is the one admired by decerning 
>loopers, after having been with FCBs for a while. It depends on budget. 
>What were you trying to do with FCB again, I can tell you if you are 
>ok... I love it BTW, its just BIG, HEAVY and has some silly limitations. 
>Some find it hard to program, not me... I have a whole post on my blog I 
>can direct you to about programming it. The manual is well.. rather 
>German, accurate but complicated.
> Mark
> Hi Ed,
> Before deciding on what foot MIDI controller board to go with, be sure
> to also check out the GORDIUS Little Giant 2! I personally switched to
> the LG2 for portability reasons and to save money; I have used three
> Beheringer pedals and learned that they last about three years, so if
> planning to play for more than three years the more expensive LG2 will
> be less expensive in the long run. It is way smaller and lighter and
> allow more switches/pedals including the option of four additional
> analog expression pedals and/or on/off/momentary switches.
> http://www.gordius.be/midi-footcontroller-lg.php
> As for the SoftStep I was very excited with it at the projecting stage
> when reading the specifications but I withdraw my pre order as the
> release was almost half a year delayed. I was afraid that a company
> that misses proper scheduling that far may not succeed very well with
> their pre release product testing and I don't want to sacrifice my
> musical ambitions and booked concerts to become an unpaid beta tester.
> So the Gordius was the only player left for me and I can only say I'm
> very happy with it. If you get ono, be sure to set up a bootcamp
> Windows partition on your MBPro so you can run the Windows only (Mac
> version coming, but who knows when...) to manage your Gordius banks
> efficiently.
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
> Ed Durbrow
> Saitama, Japan
> http://www.musicianspage.com/musicians/9688/
> http://www9.plala.or.jp/edurbrow/

mark francombe
twitter @markfrancombe