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Re: (OT) More on Radiohead

On Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 6:21 PM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:

...but the hoards of imitators of imitators that now saturate the airwaves.

I think this is a bit interesting actually. Here we are a global bunch of musicians, and we sometimes forget that there are differences in where we live. I remember that when I lived in the UK I expected that everyone knew about all the music that was played on the UK. I couldnt be more wrong! Here in Norway the airwaves are NOT saturated with indie imitators at all, there almost NO indie sounding music here fullstop (or should I say period for my US friends, in the UK this means something else).
But now you come to mention it Andy, I do slightly remember that last time I was in the UK I was quite surprised to hear some indie music on the radio, as I was just as surprised to see flyers for grime and garage and techno and house. All long gone, like a craze here in Norway.. maybe one little cafe its still doing Dance music. When I arrived in 97.. nothing but!
In the US, Rick recently referred to the current state of US commercial radio, I remember thinking... Hmmm wonder what he means by that!

Whats facinating about this list is that in many ways (more than just looping I think) we are connected, in vision, and the way we think about music, but wow... what differences... someone was talking about Bluegrass recently... Can I just say... I have NO IDEA what that is!!! I imagine the duelling banjos thing, and some toothless rednecks going "squeeel lioke a peeg!" to an unfortunate city-boy...

Im rambling now... hope no-one minds... Friday you know, stressfull week.. need to vent!

Anyway.. Don't we just come from all different places, both geographically and musically, what are OUR connections?
I remember that years ago in Melody Maker, (or was it the NME?) there was a really cool guy who used to draw up these family trees of bands.. You know the kind of thing... The Yardbirds split and became Jeff Beck and Cream and then they went on to this and that, and they split and became... etc...

Maybe it would be cool to see where we have all come from to end up with looping... couldnt really be "music genre" connections, but there sure as hell must be some gear geek connections... For example I would be:

1979 [CopyCat Echo unit] >>
surprise interest in delay sounds... went from Punk to Hillage overnight...
1983 [Eno delay system with 2 tape machines, off the back of "discreet music"] >> 
coinciding with Art College...
1988 [various tape loop experiments, including 8 track loops , coming from Throbbing gristle / Caberet Voltaire]>>
1991 [ 2 x Boss digital delay pedal with HOLD]>>
slightly less interested in experimentation as I was famous, in a big assed pop combo...
1993 [forgotton the ´name Roland SD something.. rack mount delay with HOLD]
1997 [Lexicon Vortex] >>
FROM NOW I WAS A LOOPER as opposed to a guitarist with loops... famous band goes under... back to the drawing board...
2000 [Electrix Repeater] >> Found Loopers delight
2003 [EDP]>> Wife bought me the EDP...
2004 [2x EDP´s]>>
2010 [Mobius]>>
2011 All of the above!!!

God I really thread-jacked this discussion...

time to play some music... maybe I should hook up the camera...?

Have a nice weekend everyone...


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe