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Recording an Album

 Dear Prolific Looping Album Maker:

So I've been sketching out songs for my first all double bass album and 
I'm wondering how I should go about the tracking. My bedroom is perfect to 
stay focused and sketch out the songs but sound wise it's shit. Either way 
it's going to take me some time to save up enough dough but do you guys 
think the money would be better spent:

1. Buying a nice microphone. Then contacting churches, auditoriums, etc. 
to try to find nice big rooms to record in and do the tracking myself. 
        Pros: Can record at your own leisure
        Cons: Noise/distractions, having to ask to someone borrow their 
space(hopefully for free or trade), locked into sound of the 1 nice mic, 
having to play and engineer at the same time

2. Book studio time. 
        Pros: Quiet, high quality gear, use of different channel 
strips/mics for different colors, can focus on just playing instrument
        Cons: Limited amount of time. clock is ticking

I want to to get the best possible sounds I can record out of my 
instrument and I'm interested what worked best for you from your past 
experiences or whatever  your opinions are on the subject.

Thank you in advance for any comments,advice, or experience you can share,
-Todd Matthews

PS - Yes, I do realize there are also the mixing and mastering stages but 
I will already have that taken care of by the time I get to that stage.