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Re: Looper developer looking for opinions on some interface questions

> I want to provide you with well articulated input but I am just up to my 
>eyeballs on another front today. I'll tie out with you over the weekend 
>outside the forum.

That'd be great, thanks!  That's very kind!

> In the meanwhile, have you explored the EDP multiply function? 

I have indeed!  I'm still thinking of a way to provide something that 
allows a similar kind of loop building.  Before I started planning for 
event quantization, this was pretty much served by Loopy's having multiple 
tracks, with different lengths.  

That is, for example, you can record the initial track at 1 x 4/4 bar (or 
1 beat, whatever), then record the next track at several times that - 
it'll be automatically quantised to a multiple/fraction of the base loop 
after you finish recording, based on how long you recorded for, like this: 

Of course, that doesn't mesh with event quantization, especially with 
trying to figure out a sane default length to offer to less advanced users