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Re: Electro Harmonix Freeze - Sound Retainer

Charles Zwicky wrote:
> I love how "granular" processing has become such a catch-all in the 
> electronic music community.. ;-)
> The "freeze" pedal uses hi coefficient allpass filters, it's similar to 
> a digital reverb set to an infinite decay time.

I've not heard the term "hi coefficient" used in filter dsp before.

As a reverb is a network of delays with feedback I don't
disagree with your analysis of course.
Except that the sound isn't reverb-like.

There's clearly a repetition every 180mS here


from 2:48

but then there's longer cycles audible too.

...but there's no glissandi within the freeze
...however, unlike a reverbed glissando there's
  still clearly defined constant frequencies

need to hear it without Youtube sound compression,
but I'm still puzzled