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Booting OSX into live profile

Being a home musician, and as such not needing/wanting real amps/cabs, 
and thus using convolution/IR's, I'm thinking why not simply add a Mac 
Mini plus my Fireface400 to my combined guitar/bass rig, and have it 
boot straight into a a profile setup for live usage.

The reason being that I often just wanna play a Bit, and as such would 
prefer not having to have a montor attached, log in, click to setup...
In other words, I'd want to be able to turn on the rig, and have OSX 
boot into a default live profile.
When wanting to actually do DAW works, I'd log in and terminate the live 
profile (preferably have the login mechanism do this).

I'm not familiar with the various live packages, like Ableton Live.
Anyone done this sort of setup?  Then please elaborate.. ;)

van Sinn