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Re: Booting OSX into live profile

Hehe, yes, it is sometimes a small world with parallel thinking..

Actually, I'm considering using an iPad for controls, which will serve 
other purposes as well, like a DAW app with 'motorized' faders.
Pretty amazing the number of applications that are popping up for this, 
like DAW controls, live recording and live apps, holders for keyboard, 
mounts for drumkits et al..

A Mini it is, off to the bay I go.

Thanks to all for replies ;)

Eric James Dearatanha wrote:
> Hey vin,
> I actually have a similar setup in my rack... The Mac mini booting to 
>live. So fun huh? 
> If you want to monitor i suggest mimo 7in USB powered monitors to have 
>on hand incase you need emergency repatching... They have a touch screen 
>version that works pretty well... You could definitely manage. But i keep 
>one of the Bluetooth trackpads handy as they are much faster to work 
>with. Both can easily stow away in back of rack invisibly.
> There are awesome elastic advantages to having the Mac mini with 
>different vst and au in a program like live or main stage. But for raw 
>CPU efficiency Per is right about stand alone units. You can also use 
>iPad/iPhone to control your midi gear with touch osc and a combination of 
>other things ( I use osculator as the osc midi translator, then midi 
>patch bay program to route osculator to the hardware ) so many fun 
> Hope this helps...
> Eric mogli
> Sent from my iPad
> On Apr 15, 2011, at 1:48 PM, van Sinn <vansinn@post.cybercity.dk> wrote:
>>Being a home musician, and as such not needing/wanting real amps/cabs, 
>and thus using convolution/IR's, I'm thinking why not simply add a Mac 
>Mini plus my Fireface400 to my combined guitar/bass rig, and have it boot 
>straight into a a profile setup for live usage.
>>The reason being that I often just wanna play a Bit, and as such would 
>prefer not having to have a montor attached, log in, click to setup...
>>In other words, I'd want to be able to turn on the rig, and have OSX 
>boot into a default live profile.
>>When wanting to actually do DAW works, I'd log in and terminate the live 
>profile (preferably have the login mechanism do this).
>>I'm not familiar with the various live packages, like Ableton Live.
>>Anyone done this sort of setup?  Then please elaborate.. ;)
>>van Sinn

van Sinn