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Re: (OT) selling things on craigslist (was: FS: Line 6 DL4)

I've been pretty lucky so far with the recent slew of stuff I've been 
cleaning out, thankfully. I don't suffer fools lightly, so even this kid 
who flaked today got a quick "uh huh" and a hang up, while he wanted to 
chat about his bank account 'predicament'. But, you know, at least he was 
nice, telling me how he was sure someone else would snap up my pedal, 
because I was selling it for...

"uh huh" CLICK

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On Apr 18, 2011, at 4:33 PM, Matt Davignon <mattdavignon@gmail.com> wrote:

> My tales of craigslist flakeouts are legion. It's gotten to the point
> where I often don't want to bother trying to sell anything. My two
> favorite requests:
> 1) Can you "reserve" the item for me, then stay at home all day
> Saturday and Sunday, and I'll come by to look at the item if I have
> time?
> 2) Can you bring the items to my office in downtown San Francisco on
> Monday, and on my lunch break I'll peruse them and decide whether I
> want to buy them?
> However, it's great for giving things away. You just say "I'm
> available on this day and this day. I will not reserve it for you.
> Whoever comes and picks it up first gets it. You can call me to get a
> status update."
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> On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 3:30 PM,  <thetoyroom@charter.net> wrote:
>> and another craigslist flakeout....
>> yummy!