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Re: Two edps or a different looper?


I just upgraded to 1.39. Havnt really taken it through the ringer. The software i used for the longest time was 1.38f whick worked pretty well at 6 tracks, sometimes 7, never 8. 1.38g worked well with 7 but had other icky bugs. Im excited to test out the new firmware more. except there is a weird retrigger issue... which is kind of cool if you can learn how the bug actually buggs out... it gives you a sample-freeze effect instead of simply retriggering... you hit retrigger once and it goes into this sample freeze where it just sounds like an FM organ or something... hit it again and it retriggers back into the sample rate of the loop. Kind of weird, its creative but unpredictable.

Im sure that bob's genius mind will figure out the issue in due time and it will be able to do 8 tracks flawlessly as designed.

I love my lp1 always, even with (especially with) the qwirks. :)


On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 2:52 PM, Andy Owens <andy@1800dialword.com> wrote:
Eric, have you seen the track seven and eight issue happening on the latest os ver 1.38 I think it is?

I upgraded a while back and I'm on 1.37 which I need to dump, but I heard on 1.38 that issue solved. Never was a prob for me when i was way down their in 1.2 something land. 

I have noticed that what it does, it's not the amount on tracks but how complicated and large what you've recorded is, because it will crash on a lower track too sometimes, but what happens is, when it gets to overload, you are usually punching in and it just gets stuck in record it keeps listening and recording but all other functionality out the window. 

Still love it though. 


On Apr 25, 2011, at 4:50 PM, "Eric DeAratanha" <dearatanha@gmail.com> wrote:

Hey Marcus,
The Looperlative LP1 allows for all of that goodness. :) In terms of hardware looping, this unit is probably the most versatile and capable looper available on the market today. You can use the aux outs to send out loops for post processing and bounce them to new tracks. There are 8 stereo tracks (even though you can only safely and stably use 6 or 7). Its really incredible how elastic this unit is for any sort of music performance project you can imagine. Also, its constantly evolving with Bob's dedicated work on new software... So really, the possibilities are virtually endless (thanks to Bob's hard work and endless dedication) because any imagined feature can technically be programmed for implementation in future software updates.

I've never really used EDP for performance but my LP1 has changed my life and the way I preform at my shows.

Well, thats my two cents. LP1 = magic.


On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 1:32 PM, marcus kirby <marcusloops@gmail.com> wrote:

I've owned an edp for four years now, and I'm finally looking to incorporate it into a midi rig.

I need stereo looping options, as I'm running mic/guitar/vocals/bass synth through the looper. The first looper would be used for unprocessed, and the second for post-processed loops.

Should I go with two edps, or a different looper, or maybe edp and sampler?