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Looperlative software version stability and Red-House fx

Most stable software version for the Looperlative

The other version worth trying is v1.37, which is reasonably
stable and has the somewhat confusingly named "mellotron mode".
(very lo-fi control of playback rate over an octave of semitones).

First sign of instability is a drop out at the beginning of a recording.
This can be avoided by setting up blank loops and then overdubbing
(easy with the LP1). That's a technique that Bill Walker uses a lot
on v1.37

The "Red House" instant stutter effect isn't doable by the LP1 midi-learn 
system alone.  You need to program a midi controller to
send a command on release of the switch.
Once the midi controller switch is programmed to send a PgCh
on press, and one on release you need to.
1) go to the programming menu in the lP1, 
2) press *and Hold* the switch
3) program it to
   StopNow > Rec/Dub > endSequence
4) release switch
5) program it to 
   PlayNow > endSequence

I'd advise v1.34d if you wanna do this, as I reckon that
smaller loops can add to any tendency to instability.

This effect was previously known as SUS Record on the EDP
and was quite popular a few years back, but seems
to have been out of favour for a while.

andy butler