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Dang! I've started to encounter some overload issues with the input. I'm sure it has something to do with the routing from my mixer but I haven't been able to identify the culprit yet. The 'Rang is being overloaded during 'STACKS' and, hence, distorting the output.
I have the 'Rang III in the Send/Return 'loop' from my Mackie Pro/FX mixer. I have the desired mixer signals routed to the Send. Recently, I added a Sennheiser microphone to the instrument mix by miking my Blackstar amp (even though the Blackstar has a line out) to get the good, REAL tone from the amp - which is a nice guitar tone.
I 'think' I eliminated the microphone from the equation by successively, turning down the Send signal and even pulling the microphone input.
I pulled the signal going to the 'RANG III down and this seemed to resolve the problem but now the output of the 'Rang III is lowered - of course - and not optimal-sounding.
'Sorry for the  long, boring story - but how are others setting up their feeds into and out of the Rang?
Regards, Paul

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Scoots wrote:


That's a good way of putting it--in and of itself, the 'Rang is not swirly
or mindbending (although it does have reverse, and a cool reverse solo
feature). Rather it is an accurate replicator of what goes into it.
It can be dirty if you are 8).