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Re: EDP prices going up

To Mattias, Bob or... er Andy (you part of this? cant see your name anywhere, but it tends to pop up "where great things happen")

On, Jul 31, 2011 at 5:43 AM, marcus kirby <marcusloops@gmail.com> wrote:

More info on evoloop, . how many lopps??

I second that request for more information. All I´ve ever heard about Evoloop (from the site I believe) is that its pretty much a EDP, but stereo, high quality sound,  MASSES more memory and CPU resources available, and very interestingly, a USB socket for upgrades.

Now I have two specific qusetions:
1) Does it do loop windowing?
2) and count cycles like the original?
(meaning does the display cleverly keep you on track as to how many cycles you are up to - only recently realized the genius of this when getting into stutter mode again, and is the reason I never quite got the hang of Mobius counting system)

But more generally, and wondering about Marcus´s question regarding how many lopps (sic). The EDP didnt have multple loops like the more modern idea for multiple loops playing at the same time (looperlative/Mobius etc) but had multiple consecutive loops.
Now if the first approach was followed... (multiple playing loops)  doesnt this start to step on the Looperlatives area, which would not really matter from a different company, but I notice that Bob Amstrad is to be one of the developers of the hardware in Evoloop... whats up here? Is Evoloop gonna be the new LP1???

Matty, can you explain how the two of you (Lets call you the 2 Kings of loop hardware) are going to collaborate on this machine... this partnership is surely VERY exiting?

Spill the beans guys... Is Evoloop still a dream made over a bar table in Santa Cruz with a bottle of Napoleon Brandy and some fine cigars, or is it next in line from the Bob Factory after he gets back from his holidays and spits of the LP2 first (How that guy thinks he has time to trek all over Yellowstone I have NO IDEA?)

With baited breath... and with money for a looperlative burning a hole in pocket, cos I might wanna wait for Evoloop...


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe