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Re: EDP prices going up

mark francombe wrote:
To Mattias, Bob or... er Andy (you part of this? cant see your name anywhere, but it tends to pop up "where great things happen")

Currently Matt's focusing on the hardware with a small team
(including Rolf "Paradis" Spuler) and advice from Bob.

I don't have input on that, I've seen bits of prototype
though...it's certainly well beyond vapourware.

Now I have two specific qusetions:
1) Does it do loop windowing?


2) and count cycles like the original?


and Stutter seems to still be there.

But more generally, and wondering about Marcus´s question regarding how many lopps (sic). The EDP didnt have multple loops like the more modern idea for multiple loops playing at the same time (looperlative/Mobius etc) but had multiple consecutive loops.

There's certainly a button on the front panel which is going to allow
multi-track loops. Matt's idea seems to be to give the user the option to switch between
different "groups" of loop, so instead of going to a "Next" edp loop
you switch to a whole multi-track arrangement.
I'm pretty sure he hasn't programmed that yet.

I'm guessing that the Evoloop could well be released without any function
assigned to that button, however like the LP1 the Evoloop software
will be update-able.
How would *you* combine EDP type multiple loops
with multi-tracking?