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Re: EDP prices going up

On 2 Aug 2011, at 10:24, andy butler wrote:

> mark francombe wrote:
>> To Mattias, Bob or... er Andy (you part of this? cant see your name 
>> anywhere, but it tends to pop up "where great things happen")

thats true, we need Andy's spirit and advice, I should mention him
> Currently Matt's focusing on the hardware with a small team
> (including Rolf "Paradis" Spuler) and advice from Bob.

more than advice, he designed the main board and some essential software 
> I don't have input on that, I've seen bits of prototype
> though...it's certainly well beyond vapourware.
>> Now I have two specific qusetions:
>> 1) Does it do loop windowing?
I hoped that my definition was clear enough: it needs to start as a EDP 
replacement so the first version will be as similar as possible. the 
Echoloop code, basically
then we evolve together from there.
>> But more generally, and wondering about Marcus´s question regarding how 
>> many lopps (sic). The EDP didnt have multple loops like the more modern 
>> idea for multiple loops playing at the same time (looperlative/Mobius 
>> etc) but had multiple consecutive loops.

that was a sad HW limitation. Keith and me talked about multiple loops but 
we did not want to switch processor
> There's certainly a button on the front panel which is going to allow
> multi-track loops. Matt's idea seems to be to give the user the option 
> to switch between
> different "groups" of loop, so instead of going to a "Next" edp loop
> you switch to a whole multi-track arrangement.

hm... that does not sound quite right to me, but I better do not spend 
time with this now
I am pretty sure that I will not follow the "multiple EDP" way but allow 
the "Next" to play simultaneous
does that appeal?

> I'm pretty sure he hasn't programmed that yet.

right :-)