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Re: EDP prices going up

On Aug 2, 2011, at 1:24 AM, andy butler wrote:

> How would *you* combine EDP type multiple loops
> with multi-tracking?

See Ableton Live?

Basically, tracks are groups of loops and within a group at most one loop 
can be playing at once. Then make it easy to switch between loops within a 
group and to do things like copy within a group.

I keep thinking something like the Line6 M13 hardware would actually make 
a great multitrack looper given the 5 x 3 buttons. Imagine using three of 
them for a mode selector and then using the remaining 4 x 3 to do things 

* 4 groups of 3 loops. Tap to play. Tap to stop playing. (Tap an empty 
loop to record.)

* 4 groups with 8 buttons for working within the group

* A dedicated quantization page for access to the current quantization 

Etc. If you use long presses, you can access even more things.

The other nice thing about a dedicated unit as opposed to a rack unit plus 
an arbitrary MIDI foot controller is that you can probably do a lot more 
with status feedback on the device.