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Re: OSC and I phones and Whiskers on kittens........


How are things progressing with OSC for you? Or has the Moog stolen all 
your cycles?

I've found TouchOSC and Missing Link fairly straightforward, but the way 
the LP-1 wants to parse incoming MIDI configuration commands is a bit 

Your volume, feedback, pan sliders in TouchOSC... are they track specific? 
Or must you explicitly select a track first?

I've got a template in progress that has 8 paired sliders (a vol and fdbk 
for each LP1 track), but in order to use them I have had to add an 
explicit "select track" pushbutton to each pair. So this looks like: 
Select track 1, use sliders for track 1; select track 3, use sliders for 
track 3; etc...

What I'd like to do is just use the sliders directly...

Phil :)

On Jul 10, 2011, at 11:19 PM, William Walker wrote:

> Some friends of my wife  Nancy just gave us their old I phones so I've 
> downloaded OSC and the Missing link template and fired up a Missing 
> link, and though I have yet to figure out how to program midi program 
> changes in to it to get at all my  LP-1 parameters happening .  I've 
> already got it running for midi note and cc control and that in itself 
> is adding some cool new capability such as using midi notes to control 
> replace which allows me to replace portions of my loop for as long  as i 
> touch the key on the I phones keyboard template, a true sus command that 
> due to laziness, I haven't tried programming my Little Giant to do. Its  
> great for interrupting a percolating loop with a portion of long 
> sustained notes or vise versa, and doing glitchy stutter replaces by 
> hitting the  key rapidly. granted i have to take one hand of the 
> instrument to control it but its fun to play one handed at time as well. 
> Also I have programmed a fader array to control  volume,  feedback, 
> panning and track speed and 4 individual track faders . having the speed 
> on a fader allows me to accurately go to different percentages of the 
> track speed that I could never do with a foot pedal controller,  so I 
> can put the loop in another key, record additional content in  and then 
> return it to the original key as follows. I'll record content at 100% 
> (normal speed), move it the fader  to 75% (3/4 speed), the 50% (half 
> speed). then 37% (3/8 this speed???and finally 25% (1/4 speed) all the 
> while adding new content to the loop.  If i'm playing in E minor for 
> example at normal speed, when I go to 75% speed it drops the key to B 
> min, I then add some more stuff, and return to the original key. 
> Recording at these other track speeds can cause some interesting 
> artifacts and overtones.  The more I figure this thing out the more i 
> like it. The Missing Link is great for us old school hardware guys who 
> don't want to be left out of the future:-) and want more control over 
> their gear. Additionally, any multi effect with extensive external cc 
> control can really benefit from what an I phone, or touch, or pad,  and 
> a Missing Link can do to really mix your effects in real time.
> I'm looking in to a mic stand adaptor for my I phone and also if anyone 
> has had any luck programming program change information on an OSC 
> template I'd be grateful for some help as so far I'm stymied.
> Thanks
> Bill