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Re: EDP prices going up

On Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 10:24 AM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
How would *you* combine EDP type multiple loops
with multi-tracking?

Personally, I would:
Limit the amount of multiple tracks. In Looperlative and Mobius its 8. I think 4 is enough. (And two would do, but 3 is right!)

Reason for this is that with more you start to have to get into actions and functions that are JUST ABOUT multiple track handling, as in grouping.

I would simply do what I believe the looperlative does and certainly what Mobius does (If Im wrong here, dont correct me, but thi is what I think it should be)
That is use a kind of track select mode. On LP1 it physical buttons on the machine, on Mobius its by using Focus Lock. Then if you hit NEXT LOOP, all the tracks selected (or focus locked if you like) would go to the next loop. If it was a loop copy situation, each track would copy over its specific material and time-base.

This is nice because you dont have to swap all tracks if you dont need to. The rythym track might just stay looping on loop 1.

What I can see as the issue is visual feedback. The need for the display to quickly and easily relay what track is on what loop etc. another reason to limit the amount of tracks IMHO.

The EDP come into its own because you work it into YOUR playing style and in the end it becomes part of your instument. I dont need ANYTHING more than those counting numbers to tell me where I am. Playing with Multiple tracks always feels like recording.."Now Im going to lay down the bass-line" and I think if Evoloop can retain some of the magic of the original EDP but with multiple tracks simply added, without too much extra fuss, it will be a marvelous thing.

As it is Im thinking of getting an LP1 (Cos oc multiple tracks, keeping ONE EDP for windowing and snip snip stuff) but ... I might wait with that purchase... heh heh


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe